Press release: July 7, 2021

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You are cordially invited

to an exclusive VIP Reception

Thierry Thompson

automotive and aviation "techno-realism" fine artist

"electric blue"   84" x 168"   airbrush and mixed media on board

Light+Shadow Fine Art & Carmel Home Collection

will host this exclusive VIP Artist Reception and fundraising event

Fine Art, Fine Automobiles, Fine furnishings, Fine Wine and Fine Chocolates

Thursday August 12, 2021 4:00-7:00PM

With select Fine Art silent auction items donated to benefit

CASA of San Benito County

light+shadow fine art

"new man"   84" x 168"   airbrush and mixed media on board

light+shadow fine art

press release: July 7, 2021

"VIP artists reception"

Thursday August 12, 2021 4:00-7:00PM


Thierry Thompson, American Master Fine Artist, international award winning Automotive and Aviation Fine Artist.

Meet the designers of the Carmel Home Collection who have a discriminating eye for interior design and aesthetics for your home.

CASA of San Benito County which trains court-appointed volunteers who advocate for and empower abused and neglected children placed in foster care, supporting the children’s rights while pursuing a safe and permanent home.


VIP artists reception and fundraiser. Master Fine Artist Thierry Thompson will be in attendance to discuss his creations, artistic process and his automotive and aviation passions. Join us to help raise funds for CASA of San Benito County, meet the artist and view his latest masterpieces with purists, international automotive and aviation collectors, patrons of the artist's remarkable Fine Art and fellow connoisseurs who have a discriminating eye and taste for exceptional creativity, aesthetics, fine wine, gourmet chocolates and the finer things in life.

We invite you to connect with Light+Shadow Fine Art and Carmel Home Collection in support of the important efforts of CASA. A silent auction will be held featuring select works of Thierry Thompson's Automotive Fine Art with select items donated by Carmel Home Collection to assist in raising funds for CASA.

CASA provides exceptional assistance free of charge to foster children, however, it doesn't end there. CASA's program provides a trained advocate to foster children appointed by the courts. Advocates report findings, make recommendations, and speak up for children directly to a Judge in dependency proceedings to ensure the children's emotional, physical and educational needs are met during their time in the foster care system. There are many foster children currently waiting for an advocate. CASA of San Benito County is continuously recruiting additional advocates to meet the needs of foster children. Thank you for supporting a foster child's advocacy by donating to CASA.

We hope you can join us for a taste of rich and diverse world-class award-winning fine wine courtesy of Scheid Vineyard & Wild Eye Winery and savor the world-class gourmet chocolate of Marich Fine Chocolates supporting our VIP Artist Reception and fundraiser during every automobile lovers dream event "Monterey car week".


Light+Shadow Fine Art

Sixth Avenue (between) Dolores & Lincoln

Carmel by the Sea, CA USA


Carmel Home Collection

Ocean Avenue (between) Dolores & Lincoln

Sixth Avenue (between) Dolores & Lincoln

Carmel by the Sea, CA USA


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Directions from San Francisco

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Thursday August 12, 2021 4:00-7:00PM


Our event is an important fundraiser in support of CASA. Thanks to friends like you, CASA will continue to support a foster child's advocacy. If you are unable to attend our VIP Artist Reception fundraising event, please feel free to donate directly to the CASA donation web page.

In accordance with our VIP Artist's Reception and fundraising event, we are offering a 10% discount on select limited edition archival pigmented-ink canvas reproductions. To receive the "Artist Reception" discount, please reference this email with one of our Fine Art Consultants or Light+Shadow Fine Art Managing Director Beverly Thompson.

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Email:   [email protected]

Phone:   +1·831·624·2090

automotive fine art

"water cooled"   84" x 126"   airbrush and mixed media on board

light+shadow fine art

press release: July 7, 2021

Light+Shadow Fine Art is proud to present a one-man exhibition of Master Fine Artist Thierry Thompson's internationally recognized and award winning genre of Fine Art designated "Techno-Realism". The artist creates unique images and interpretations of the automobile, motor-racing and aviation, which are fixtures of modern day life and icons of our American culture.

Light+Shadow Fine Art will unveil the artist's 2021 collection of automotive Fine Art, which will include original oil, acrylic, encaustic, airbrush and mixed-media paintings including limited edition, high-definition archival pigmented-ink reproductions. Select legendary driver, team principal and military aviation Ace's signed prints will also be on exhibit.

Our "one-man" show which will be on exhibit August 1-30, 2021 and will include a display of very impressive large format high-definition archival pigmented-ink canvas reproductions of select original artworks. Our archival reproductions remain color-fast for two hundred years and will add that special focal-point to any decor, office, den, or man cave and will enhance the walls of any automotive, motor-racing and aviation collection whether your collection is a scale of 1:1 or 1:43.

In addition to our Fine Art sales, we also offer design and art consultation services to assist with your Fine Art purchase. We successfully collaborate with individuals, Fine Art collectors, architects, interior designers, corporations and corporate art buyers to develop and maintain that important Fine Art collection. As a full service Fine Art gallery, we have designed and created Fine Art for every imaginable installation. From home and office installations to automotive and aviation collections, automotive dealerships and international corporation Fine Art collections. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

about the artist

For over forty five years, Thierry (pronounced "Terry") has been "Defining the Fine Art of Motor-Racing". An artist and draughtsman from the first time he managed to hold a pencil, he was greatly influenced by his Father who was a design engineer and raced a Porsche RSK on weekends. Following in his Father's engineering footsteps, he was fascinated with and studied engineering, always inspired to tear things apart, "So I could understand how they worked, often to the chagrin of my parents".

Thierry has been passionately involved with anything that had wheels or an engine attached. At the tender age of eight, his father built a custom, dual engined, 2-cycle Tecumseh powered "go-kart" for the curly-haired youngster which Thierry raced behind their home on a track his father built and at local karting events in Ohio, "It was a low-slung and powerful kart that would accelerate to over 70MPH on asphalt !"

A University degree in Fine Arts, Art History and Fine Art Restoration, soon followed high school. It now becomes apparent that his education influenced his extraordinary level of design, creativity and the perfection he places in his artwork. Blending dream like surrealism into his imagery with the precision and detail of photorealism, or as he likes to brand his style - "Techno-Realism". "As a "Techno-Realist", I believe it is essential to artistically represent the machine with the same accuracy of the micrometer used to develop and construct the machine".

Following his University education, he seized upon the opportunity to work as a mechanic and engineer with a Super Vee team, graduating to Formula Atlantic, Formula 2 and Indy cars. During his years in motor-racing, he never lost sight of his other passion, fine art; often times sketching cars, drivers and the details of a chassis, while in the Formula 1 pits. Focused as a mechanic and engineer, he has a unique perspective based on "real world" experience, which is the foundation of his automotive and motor-racing fine art; his knowledge of automotive physics and engineering and how he applies that knowledge to his detailed fine art, set his works apart.

After years in motor-racing and tiring of "The endless traveling", he took the leap to begin a career as a technical illustrator in the advertising and communication arts industry. With his engineering experience, confidence and determination, it was not all that difficult to teach himself the art of creating exploded views and ghosted cutaways of automobiles, aircraft and anything requiring a visual explanation of something mechanical. With his experience and knowledge of engineering, drafting and a unique artistic vision, he created a massive amount of commercial works from simple drawings to detailed airbrush illustrations and was now on an upward trajectory of self-made success.

Upon returning to his artistic roots, he opened an advertising and communication arts agency in Toronto, Ontario, supplying detailed illustrations, cutaways and ghost views of road cars for all of the international car manufacturers advertising and promotion campaigns. Parallel to that great success, he opened an automotive Fine Art gallery in Toronto's exclusive Yorkville art gallery district exhibiting his motor-racing originals and driver signed limited editions.

Thierry and the love of his life for 30 years, Beverly, then moved to sunny California where he continued to create illustration and design for the advertising and communication arts world until 2011 when they decided to exhibit and sell his Fine Art to the public and opened Light+Shadow Fine Art in Carmel by the Sea. Their ten-year old Fine Art gallery proudly display his amazing works of automotive, motor-racing, aviation, landscape and seascapes as well as realistic figurative Fine Art.

Thierry has been drawing and painting for over sixty years, and it does not look like he is about to slow down anytime soon.

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Email:   [email protected]

Phone:   +1·831·624·2090